Our Story

In 2008, the first FB4K chapter in Minneapolis gave gave away 250 bikes, then the following year – 5,000 bikes! It only grew from there…

In the years since, the FB4K organization has expanded exponentially. Omaha was the 18th city to open a chapter in the United States in 2022, and more chapters around the country continue to pop up all the time. Well over 100,000 bikes have rolled through FB4K giveaways over the years and we’re not done yet — our future sights are set on other locations throughout the US and the world.

Mission & Purpose

Free Bikes 4 Kidz Omaha is a non-profit organization geared toward helping all kids ride into a happier, healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need. The public donates gently used bikes, we organize volunteers to clean and refurbish them, and then we give them away to youth-serving non-profits and other organizations.

Our Method

Every year, 25 million bikes are sold in the US. One-third of those bikes are 20” wheel-size, or smaller. Since kids grow like weeds, over 8 million bikes are outgrown each year. This means there is a virtually endless supply of bikes with more life left in them, that need a new home.

Our Board of Directors and Staff

Free Bikes 4 Kidz is a small but mighty team of volunteers who are passionate about both cycling and serving the community.

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Meet the Board

Our Partners

Through the generous help of our key partners, such as Baxter, First National Bank of Omaha, Max I. Walker, Millwork Commons, Chesterman Co., and the Parker Family Foundation, FB4K Omaha has begun building the foundation for a sustained presence.

We still need support in building the foundation to help every kid in Omaha ride into a healthier, happier, childhood. If you’re interested in furthering our mission through a partnership, please Contact Us.

Thank You to These Sponsors!


First National Bank of Omaha

Max I. Walker

Millwork Commons


The Parker Family Foundation

The William & Ruth Scott Family Foundation


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