‘Benefiting Partner’ Organization Guidelines

In order to be considered to receive bikes, i.e. become a ‘benefiting partner’ with FB4K Omaha:

•  Organization must work with children (ages 2-18 or still in high school)

•  Bikes must be intended primarily for children’s use

•  Must provide own transportation and be willing and able to get to the warehouse for Giveaway Day/Bulk Pickups

•  501(c)3 tax-exempt Voluntary sector or Public sector

•  Must be located within the Nebraska border* and/or must serve families within those boundaries (in some cases, especially organizations that work with tribes/reservations, exceptions can be made)

*Organizations that are based in Nebraska but send bikes to different states or countries do not meet this criteria

Must be one of these listed acceptable types of organizations:
•  Schools/community ed programs/parks & rec
•  Public health, clinical/therapeutic medicine, hospitals
•  Social services, food shelves
•  Housing services, public/co-op housing, neighborhood associations
•  Established churches and religious institutions (must meet regularly in a space that is not a house or a public park)
•  After-school programs, youth camps, sports teams (especially bike ones)

To apply for your organization to receive bikes from FB4K Omaha, click the button below!
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